Redesigning Spending


I know - I’ve honestly no idea if we’re looking at that bit. I just play with it when I get it on my phone. I messed up my overdraft by playing with it too early :see_no_evil:


This feature won’t work for me at all. I get paid when my invoices get paid. Which is fine. But for dramatic effect, I’m genuinely gutted I won’t get to make good use out of an amazing feature.

Win some, lose some.

(Kieran McHugh) #171

I think the feature will still be of some use to you, particularly for tracking recurring outgoing payments. I am going to speak to the team to learn more about how we will be handling the case where people do not have any regular income.

A bit convoluted, but if you have a business bank account or something elsewhere you could possibly pay yourself a monthly salary to achieve the same effect.


it would be good to be able to manually tag or categorise certain income as salary and be able to do a report each year to assist completing the self assessment return

(Kieran McHugh) #173

Agreed, that would be a really good feature. Automatic salary detection is complex but we are working on it.

(Adam Kendrew) #174

Slightly off topic, but it’s great to see a regular insight from one of the product engineers here on the forum! :raised_hands:t3:

(Peter Roberts) #175

Oh no! I hope you didn’t end up paying unnecessary fees :open_mouth:


Just self-excluded myself :raised_hands:


:astonished: :cry:

(Only available in amateur ) #178

You know, you can contact help on the app about that or email…



Fixed it with slack instead. on the inside


Please let me tag Salary manually too!! My invoices are paid via clients direct via BACS/Faster Payment.

(Wayne Simpson) #182

I’m crying out for the spending redesign, any idea when us Android beta users will get it?

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #183

I’m sure the article says first glimpses end of the month for Android :smiley:


Surely it could be easily solved by allowing users to set their own time periods until the next payment.

(Jake Tame) #185

Maybe instead of automatic… We can manually flag which incoming payment is a salary and then future payments from this are then tagged as salary?

(Nick) #186

Not necessarily straightforward: my salary and expenses claims come in as transfers from the same payee.


Agree, and I suggested this before

as I think this must be the simplest method!

You know what payment is your salary/wages, and no complex algorithms needed.

(Jake Tame) #188

You can put some logic behind it, similar date to pay day, amount, etc…

I also get expenses paid but they actually appear as different names but not sure it’s from the same account.


I am lucky that most employers paid expenses separately to salary, but one paid the salary and expenses as a combined payment. Then having the ability to split a transaction and categorise them differently would be really useful. Notes and Tags just don’t cut it!