Real-Time Payments Support

It would be really great to support RTP which is an attempt by one of the ACH clearing houses to offer a Faster Payments service much like the UK without a service like Zelle,Venmo, PayPaypal needed

I got an email from HSBC about them now supporting this feature.

Are payments made to account/routing numbers as usual but processed in realtime?

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The Fed is also designing their own solution

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Really need some type of outgoing payment option for Monzo USA account. It appears you can only send money abroad to your contacts in your Monzo UK account? Anyone else have some work arounds to send money from Monzo US account to another US Routing/Account number?


Unfortunately you can’t download the app if you are outside the US. Unless you know a way around that? Same with Venmo… I’m in the UK and US account is only used when going home and hopefully to contribute to my retirement accounts if I can figure out how to transfer money into them!

Sounds like a great idea. Finally the US trying to get something like the U.K. FPS in place.

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