📰 Q&A with Tom Blomfield, founder of Monzo – Open Up Challenge

(Happy St Patrick’s Day ) #21

October 31st

(Michael) #22

My Guess is 1million by 15th August.

(Dan) #23


(Jack) #24

I’ll go for November 14th

(Jorge) #25

I’ll go for Tuesday October 30th. After 15 minutes of forum celebration they’ll say they’re actually not quite there yet. Final announcement, two days later on Thursday November 1st.

(Eve) #26

I humbly apologise :joy: but that’s not even a standard typewriter font!!

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“We are the puck.” reminds me of this:

(Jonathon) #28

September 25, as a birthday present to me.

(Mark Woosey) #29

The number is possibly dragged down a bit by inactive customers?

Is this figure from active users or from all users? I’d expect there’d be an increase in usage above the average for those who are full Monzo.

(Ian Lyon) #30

Don’t let Design see this :cold_sweat:



I think they’ve seen it, I think they hate me :woman_shrugging:

(Simon B) #32

Could be worse.


(Mark Woosey) #33

SNL did a brilliant skit on this.

(And it was the answer to a question on HQ Trivia the other day)

(Justin) #34

Perhaps a pop-up branch at Glastonbury next year?


I find this statement a bit divisive and unnecessary political. I assume Tom is trying to piggyback on a “Momentum”-style leftist, populist zeitgeist. But what about those of us who’ve worked hard, earnt decent money and want a bank we can trust, staffed by people we can trust? People who haven’t pre-judged us? People who would treat our investment and capital with respect?

I found the overwhelming leftist culture in the forum off-putting. Unfortunately this does seem to be representative of Monzo staff from what I’ve seem so far.

I’m concerned about a company that might be run by politically-active leftists, and which may take issue with certain demographics in the City, and may treat our accounts and our privacy with less respect as a result.

Time for an ethical policy
(Toby Toller) #36

I think Tom’s just highlighting that most high earn, high spend people wouldn’t see the appeal of Monzo - as there are many other providers which give spending based rewards.

Like yourself though, there are bound to be people within the demographic they expect to benefit most from Monzo who aren’t interested. __

As for this, I haven’t noticed any politically-active leftists running the company… Do you have a link to any examples?

(Alex Sherwood) #37

emphasis mine

The reason you’ve found it divisive & political is because you’ve just made it that, in the next sentence (the bit that I’ve highlighted in bold).

It’s a simple fact that people have different needs and Monzo doesn’t offer the kinds of benefits that absolutely everyone is expecting.


Do high-earning people really care about chasing voucher codes, affiliate special offers and cash-back deals (especially where such deals usually have an upper limit)?

I’m not going to pretend to be some kind of millionaire city banker, but I do fit into “the 1%”

A lot of people that work in the City do.

Special offers - I couldn’t care less. I want a bank that works well on my phone.

The diversity topics were a hot mess of identity politics, virtue signalling, dog-piling against any right-of-centre comments, and dubious flagging (targeting political leaning, not abuse of the guidelines).

(Jolin) #39

I think they’re going to treat all accounts with the same level of ‘respect’. Are you insinuating that they’re going to leak your details and loose track of your money because you perceive that their politics are different to yours? :roll_eyes:


I’m still waiting for a prize on being closest with the last milestone pool :joy: