Q&A with Airtime Rewards!

Thanks Sonos - you’re pretty cool yourself :sunglasses: Any questions drop us a message!

signed up myself, do I need to reach a certain limit of money before it’ll knock my phone bill down ? or if I have 50p (as I do now) savings, would it deduct that from my phone bill ?

Welcome! The redemption limit depends on each network. But you’ll have to earn between £5-£10 to make your first redemption off your phone bill.

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You say you share transaction data with the mobile networks, what data exactly is shared? And what permissions do they have to do with the data?

Also is there a direct link to all supported retailers, I can’t seem to find it.

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I can answer one of those. The list of retailers was posted earlier in this topic:

However from further discussion it seems that some retailers have been removed so it might not be the most current :man_shrugging:

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I have signed up - seems like a cool idea :sunglasses:
Not sure how it’ll work with giffgaff but happy to wait and see.

@AirtimeRewards How does it work with Smarty. There’s two different ways to give Smarty money. I can just pay for my plan, or add money to a cash pot to pay for out of plan usage?

Hey, you can sign up with Smarty, but crediting is coming soon :slight_smile:

Fab! Welcome.

We work with giffgaff - to top up your goody bag :slight_smile:

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Hey, we work in close partnership with all the major mobile networks, as a value add for their customers. In our privacy, we do state that we share transactional data however, this is not something we do. We will only share your mobile number, to check you are eligible for our service and redemption history so our network partners can apply rewards to your account.

How is this monetized?

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I had the same experience as @Ordog and @jbond312, but as they said, it did actually work. Would be good to show the actual level of cashback for each retailer on the thumbnails on the home screen…

Hey Will, in simple terms, the retailers pay for your phone bill as a reward for shopping with them. So every transaction you make, the retailer gives you a percentage back, along with a small commission to us for running the service. Hope this answers your question.

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Thanks for the feedback Will! We’ll report that back to our development team

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Just following up on the issues that myself and others reported with signup.

I keep getting marketing emails and such but I’ve still not completed registration. Has any progress been made please?

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Hi everyone, I’ve just removed a few posts that contained referral links. As a reminder, we’re collecting all referrals in one place - here - to keep the rest of the community clear.



Hey Ordog - the issues should now be fixed with the latest update.

Can you please close down and re-open the app and see if this works? If not, please drop me an email at beckie@airtimerewards.com with your mobile number so I can get the tech team to look into your issue further

I’m sky mobile customer and I can’t select Sky as my phone provider. Hence I can’t use of this rewards. What a shame I hope they include them soon

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