✅ Push notification when pay-at-pump pre-auth amount changes

Do you mean, that currently we grey out the amount on iOS until it’s final? We’ll be making this consistent on Android at the same time. :+1:

(Currently the Android engineer on my team is on holiday, so you might see this small change on iOS before you see it on Android! :blush:)


@tjvr are you showing these for all non-settled transactions, or is it based on a defined list of merchants, the MCC or some other metric?

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Great to hear!

The “Amount Pending” text is specific to Pay at Pump, because for that MCC there are rules about when the merchant will tell us the final amount. :fuelpump:

For old-style pumps, the merchant takes a £1 authorization, and then we get the final amount in a few day’s time at presentment.

For new-style pumps (which you should start seeing in the UK soon; they’ve worked this way in the EU for a while), they’ll take a £99 authorization. The merchant then sends us a “completion advice” message within 20 minutes with the final amount.

We’ve added a short message to the apps explaining both cases. Hopefully this should make it clear why the petrol station has taken £99 from your account. :blush:


You can see why it’s taking so long to roll out over here and why retailers are so scared of it with headlines like this doing the rounds:

Your daily reminder that newspapers poison discourse


Oh dear. Sounds like some banks still don’t support completion advices, then. Not really the merchant’s fault! :disappointed:


Just to confirm, will they still work if you don’t have £99?

In my experience you need the £99 in the account for it to authorise the pump so unless there’s that money in the account you can’t refuel.
Which, tbh, is a total pain in the backside as it gets closer to Payday and there’s not £99 left to play with for paupers like myself.

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I have seen some pumps (Tesco I think) give you the option to set a maximum amount before you start - I’m not sure if this makes a difference to the pre-authorisation amount.

However, I usually use Esso and their app to pay. This allows you to pay with Apple Pay and set a maximum amount which does only authorise this value before updating shortly after.

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From @daniel’s excellent write up: https://medium.com/@danielchatfield/pay-at-pump-4857a382ccf7

The new rules

  • The machine attempts to authorise the maximum amount that it wishes to allow the customer to pump (typically £99 or £100).
  • If the customer doesn’t have enough money the bank issues a partial approval for what they do have.
  • The machine lets the customer pump whatever was authorised
  • Within 20 minutes the machine sends an auth advice to the bank telling them how much was pumped which allows them to release any excess hold on the card.

Under these rules:

  • Someone can still use pay at pump if they have less than £99 in their account
  • Excess holds are released within 20 mins (and usually almost instantly)

Is that still correct? So essentially you don’t have to have £99 in your account?


Yup, Daniel’s writeup is totally correct :+1:

If you only have £42 in your account, then only £42 will be authorised, rather than £99. (Note that this is assuming you don’t have an overdraft turned on!)


Will the solution cover online groceries? I regularly shop online with Tesco and for some reason they charge me £2 and then charge me again for the full amount as a separate transaction.

This sounds like an active card check which, from what I understand, is slightly different.

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Nice to see this in the app. Will we get a notification when the amount changes?




Not yet—but hopefully soon :eyes:


Will this also be brought to the £0.10 TfL transactions, which get updated?

Had one for Saturday travel on TfL get updated and I was temporaily confused as to why my balance had decreased. but there weren’t any additional transactions today.

NB: I don’t think the £0.10 TfL transactions used to be updated.


It’s always been update when TfL requested the actual amount. Been happening since prepaid days

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I used to get the £0.10 transaction refunded and then an additional transaction from TfL for the full amount.

For example:

From time to time, I have transactions which when settled are different to the original authorised amounts. FX transactions are some of them, but others travel related mainly.

e,g. When I catch my local bus service, I get 10p per-authed from my account. A day or so later, that will change to £2.30, £3.90 or £4.50 depending on my usage for that day.

My suggestion is when any transaction settles for a different amount that was pre-authed, can I get a notification of such?

It would also help those who suddenly become overdrawn because of this. It could also help prevent possible fraud if I knew at the time of settlement that more was taken out of my account than I had expected (e.g. hotel charges)