PSD2 / Issue with Dynamic Client Registration

I’m a developer with one of the UK fintechs (FCA certified TPP). We have an integration with Monzo and now switching to new Software Statement Assertion and added redirect URIs so need to register new account with DCR.
Tried several requests with claims mentioned in .well-known endpoint but getting the same error every time. The error response object is this one:
error: ‘invalid_client_metadata’,
error_description: ‘Error parsing register request body’,
error_params: {
auth_domain: ‘psd2’,
oauth2_error_code: ‘invalid_client_metadata’,
org_id: ‘0014H00001lFE4IQAW’,
software_id: ‘RYOBul9n8Qo2SPJpaUooWU’
Both org_id and software_id are correct and encoded either in OB keys or software statement assertion which are used during registration call.
Same requests with different supported claims but with the same software statement assertion and the same keys are going through fine with other ASPSPs DCRs.
Calling this endpoint:

Can you check what’s the problem here, plz?


Hey! If you email the team should be able to help you out. :slight_smile:

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hey, emailed already ) thanks