Progress update: Core App

Now that’s done would be nice to hear that it’s at least in development :grin:

Hiya - maybe I missed this one, but can we please have the option to use the new (Android 10/Pixel 4) biometric authentication when opening the Monzo app? At the moment the app just opens and I don’t find this very secure. I enabled the new biometric authentication toggle in Labs but that is only used during payments not the initial launching of the app.

iOS (my wife’s Monzo app) seems to have this feature where she uses FaceID to open the app.


It’s in the settings section of the app

Hi, I have enabled that option (after turning on the labs feature) - and restarted the app, but all to no avail. Note, I do not see the option shown in your screenshot (Use fingerprint to unlock app) - I am on Android 10.0 using a Pixel 4 XL.

yh, pretty sure someone from Monzo confirmed the thread about biometrics that it’s currently only for authorising payments and that App unlock was a whole other ballgame they’re yet to work on

Turns out I commented this in the previous thread for someone else with the same issue :slight_smile: Hope it helps:

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Alright - good to know its’ on their roadmap :slight_smile: (Hopefully!)

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@bruno Hate to harass you, any news on a timeframe other than just Q1 for pot hiding on iOS? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hopefully soon.

Anyone else get quite regular crashs on the first load of the day?

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Haven’t had a crash myself. What phone are you on?

Not seen that myself but I can’t open from a notification without it crashing

Iphone 8 plus, girlfriend also getting the same on her 6s.

It usually happens on the feed updating for the first time each day.

My app crashes regularly when I’m not using it. I get an iOS pop-up telling me that the app has crashed in the background, and do I want to report it. It’s been happening for the past few TestFlight releases. (iPhoneXS on iOS 13.3)


I had a similar thing for Monzo Chat notifications when using Monzo on iOS:

I’m getting this more and more often too.

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I’ve joined the dark side…

Hiding and sorting pots is cool :grin:


You switched to :android:?

Yeah, I hope it’s better at bouncing than the iPhone was



Welcome to Android! I used to have iOS all my life until a couple of years ago when I made the switch. To be fair there isn’t that much difference :wink:

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