Hi all, hope you’re enjoying the sun! :sunny:

Programming is something I’ve been interested in for a while, I did a module on it in Uni (Objective-C & C#) and I’d like to get more into it now I have some spare time.

  • Does anyone here code, if so what language?
  • What good resources are out there for beginners?
  • What are your likes and dislikes about programming?

Backend/app development interests me the most :slight_smile: :desktop_computer:

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Hey Jack,

Maybe you could drop the question here Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Jonas Huckestein (Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer) as well, see what the CTO says as well as the community here

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Lots of backend languages you could try, Python seems to be the suggested language to use for “beginners”. Although if you are interested in app development i’d say learning Swift or Kotlin is a good start. C# for xamarin and cross platform stuff is cool but I personally wouldn’t go down that route straight away

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Also if you have some JavaScript knowledge you might want to try node.js

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In terms of resources, the language documentation is always great. However, i’m a more visual learner so I found Bucky’s (TheNewBoston) video tutorials on YouTube to be incredibly useful when I was at uni.

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His C++ videos were really useful for my university course. Although everyone on reddit seems to bash on his courses

Really? How come? I think they’re great for beginners

From what i’ve read it’s 30% people like us saying his courses are really good and 70% of people saying he doesn’t write efficient code, his syntax is always wrong etc

I’d recommend node.js through Serverless Framework

Serverless allows you to write a small blob of code and some minimal configuration and gives you an infinitely scalable, zero-cost HTTP endpoint to invoke your code.

If you do decide to do some frontend stuff, then I’d recommend React for simplicity (and I’d recommend using create-react-app) as a starting point. This should also easily allow you to pivot into app development either through PWAs or React Native.

My background is as a C# programmer for 10 years who moved to node.js last year and now runs a software agency in Central London (all run on node.js and Serverless)


I’m mainly PHP, but quite a lot of Node.JS recently (I’ve done ‘web’ Javascript [as opposed to server NodeJS] C, C++, C#, Asp.Net, Visual Basic, Per, COBOL, ARM Basic, ARM Assembler, 6502 Assembler, Python, Ruby and Fortran before) - but I really want a chance to look at Go (which Monzo uses).

JavaScript developer, mostly back end with node.

I found Kyle Simpsons books & videos very good.
And my subscription to Front End Masters has been super helpful.

I would like to pick up some Go, so would be interested to see what resources are recommended for that.