Profile pics for payees

(Kenny Grant) #1

Please can we set profile pics for payees, like freetrade

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(Dylan Drake) #2

Pleeeeease Monzo

(Daniel White) #3

Or… Dare I say it… Starling

runs away

Seriously though, it is something I’m going to miss going #fullmonzo. It’s also a bit odd that card transactions and Direct Debits look pretty but Payees and Wages don’t.

(AllanW) #4

I’d love this!

(👨‍💻) #5

If you could throw in a system to save payees along with those custom images, I’d be so happy :heart_eyes:

(Andy) #6

Hopefully this will be included with the payee management revamp although I do know that custom images with savings pots have been the subject of debate and potential issues so wait and see!

(MikeF) #7

Wages are pretty, if you report the appropriate icon etc.

(Daniel White) #8

Not if you get paid by Faster Payments? Unless I’m missing something?

(MikeF) #9

OK, maybe not then but I’d suggest that’s a ‘Faster Payments’ thing rather than a ‘Wages’ thing in that case.

Was there something about FPs not supplying enough data for unique identification? Can’t remember.

(Daniel White) #10

Monzo shows the full Sort Code and Account Number for incoming FPS so they certainly can identify the origination of one.

Also as I say, Starling have managed it so it is entirely possible!

(Colin) #11

I asked for something similar before.

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