Problem with Transaction Details

Critical transation details hidden

Buy something from Apple
iOS 14

I have spent quite a long time tonight with the wrong department at Apple trying to get to the bottom of a transaction I do not recognise. They asked me what was in the line item but I could only say “Apple”, so we could not determine what part of the company the payment came from. As the iTunes desk was available they spent quite a chunk of time trying to locate it. We will try Web Sales tomorrow morning.

When I look at my credit card bill I can see the tags that they are asking for: APPLE.COM/UK, APPLE R244 …, APPLE.COM/BILL – the exact information that they were asking for to determine the source of the charge.

I understand the value of presenting the transaction the way you do but I would expect to be able to drill into the details, not to have all that information discarded. Is there somewhere I can find the missing information in the app?

When you click the transaction in Monzo, you should be able to scroll down to see that information, right above the “something wrong” text…?

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When I look above “Something wrong? Get help” I just see “Improve name, location or log” and when I tap throgh that I don’t see any details beyond “Merchant: Apple”.

Are you on iOS? I guess it’s likely based on the merchant. I was looking at the details on Android, but it should show the same details, albeit with some UI differences.

I get “Your Apple History” followed by “Transaction options” (repeating payment toggle, exclude from summary toggle) and then the text (an example from one of my Apple transactions: APPLE.COM/BILL APPLE.COM/BIL IRL) and then the “something wrong” link. You shouldn’t need to click through anywhere, it should show on there. Could you post a screen shot, you shouldn’t need to show any personal details. Alternatively someone who has an iOS device may respond.

Yes, I am on iOS – what you are seeing on Andriod is exactly what I would expect to see. It looks like it gets lost on the way to the iOS view controller.

I’m on iOS and it shows fine at the very bottom of the transaction screen, in grey below “something went wrong …”

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Yessss – it is there – sorry that is barely visible to me, but is is clearly there.


If you scroll down it should be there. It’s grey on grey so it’s not the clearest info.

Edit- Beaten to it!

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