Premium account holder - Choice of Home content or Pet insurance (instead of Mobile)

Hi Monzo team,

I’m really intrigued by the new Premium account and currently 50/50 on whether I should get one.

What would really tip the scales for me, is if we were allowed to choose home/flat content or pet insurance, as mobile insurance is included in my phone package!

I’m sure it’s a bit more expensive to insure a pet or a flat; which is probably the reason why, but you could offer it as an additional bolt-on to the Premium Account?


Hi. Welcome.

They’ve tried the pick and mix option before and it didn’t work (for various reasons)

Your only hope for something like this is if they do it as an add on that costs, like the RAC cover, but it won’t be something you can add in for free in place of something else.

Keep an eye on the ‘offers’ section, you never know. They allowed you to bolt on breakdown cover recently through the RAC.

As you said though, this is probably the reason and the huge amount of variables that will change the amount. We have a Newfoundland, so as you can imagine we would be at the top end of the scale for pet insurance :wink:

So taking into account my dog, I think everyone would be miffed that their premium went up to subsidise the difference especially when they don’t have a pet themselves. You’d also be opening up the flood gates to those people who have none of these requirements who will want something totally different like volcano insurance - it could never end :smiley:

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