Premier League appoints Monzo Bank’s Hoffman as Chair

Premier League appoints Monzo Bank’s Hoffman as Chair

what is everyone’s thought on this

He’s certainly picked an interesting time to do the job.

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Good appointment for Premier League, especially at the moment.

Be fascinated to see which Fintech gets on a football shirt first, especially as sponsorship will be cheap in the coming years


Probably a random unknown one with more marketing budget than sense, like that black card that had advertising all over the tube one time even though it ended up looking a terrible product. Forget what it was called. V-something? ETA: Viola Black.

Wouldn’t have thought it’d be Monzo, would be a surprising pivot away from organic advertising. Wouldn’t think it’d be Starling either, their TV ads are probably good enough for their B2C needs and they have other angles for their B2B needs. Revolut, well, if it’s not a random unknown one, maybe them.

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From BBC article:

Hoffman has held positions with Northern Rock, NBNK Investments, Barclays and Visa and is chairman of the Coventry Building Society and Monzo Bank

Have no thoughts on the Premier League position but interesting to see this connection between Monzo and Coventry Building Society. I’d really like to see Monzo offer a regular/monthly savings account through its savings marketplace and the Coventry Building Society Regular Saver might be a good candidate (Coventry Building Society seems open to participating in savings marketplaces as it already offers its Easy Access Savings account via Hargreave Lansdown’s savings marketplace).


I have no interest in football but I would be worried that this gentleman might be taking on too many roles too do justice to them.

Its also very unusual for sometime to be the chairperson of two banking organisation given potential conflicts of interest

it says he will be leaving his roles at the banks


Role, not roles

Gary is currently the Chairman of Monzo Bank Limited, Hastings Group Holdings plc and Coventry Building Society. He will leave Hastings Group before joining the Premier League.

Poor guy being turned into a chair!! why can’t they just leave him as a human???!!! /s

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