Oxford comma. :neutral_face:

In fact, the entire deployment of commas in that is apparently indiscriminate. :hushed:

As for the content of the email, I see little over the Starling implementation. Hopefully it will develop into something that is actually useful rather than just places to save …which is all it appears to be at the moment. :thinking:


Thanks for the screenshot :raised_hands:

What was the subject of the email?


Thanks Daniel! Will keep an eye out for it then!

Excited now…

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #336

Subject was “The Monzo November Journal” …

(Janos Jarecsni) #337

Finally, I’ve been waiting for this for so long. It is such an elementary money management technique, I never quite understood why banks didn’t do it. Well done guys!


This is what I currently do, in a virtual world through the use of AceMoney on the Mac.

What Pots would do is enable it to be done within the one banking app.

Will it be easier for me? Time and experimentation will tell.



I like Starling Goals, just wish it did that little bit more.

Thinking about it . . . . I can’t wait to see Pots either :grinning:

(James) #340

AWESOME GUYS! I love it.

Please could you include this feature:

Automatic asset allocation: Any incoming money that is deposited into my account has a % taken off the top and automatically deposited in one of my “pots”

For example: Maybe I have one savings pot and one investing pot (with nutmeg). I go into my Monzo settings and select that I want 5% of my income to go into savings and 5% to go into investing. Lets say that my employer then deposits £1000 wages into my account: £50 would automatically be taken off the top and put in savings, £50 would be put into investing. The rest of the money would go into my current account where I can spend it as I please-- safe in the knowledge that i have ‘paid myself first’ and that my wealth is growing.

So so awesome and I am excited to see what you guys come out with in the next few months.



(Kevyn) #341

I just recieved the email a few minutes ago.

(Tim) #342

Will the new pots have the ability to share with others on launch?

(Simon B) #343

I told you all it would be soon :grinning:

That said, before anyone gets too excited, there will be at least a few days between the release for each platform (as far as I’m aware)

Don’t ask me which is first because we don’t need another OS preference flame war up in here :joy:


Android seems to get all the love lately so I’ll bet on that. :joy:

(David Zilvys) #345

This would save me so much money, I hope you implement it soon

(Mikey Deegan) #346

The biggest problem I have without pots is that I have no mental blocker on my discretionary spending. As everything comes out of one main account, I find impulse purchases that bit more likely as they are coming out of a larger pool of money.

Pots would give me a better visualization of my financial goals which, although it shouldn’t be, is important to me and an effective way of managing money.

(Eve) #347

I love the Oxford comma.

I’m excited to see Pots implemented. People have been asking for this for ages, I’m sure it’ll be useful for people to better manage finances.

I have targets but I rarely keep to them. Having Pots would force me to stick to a target a bit more.

Starling Feedback
(Frank) #348

Will this be in any TestFlight releases or direct to the App Store?


All down to how fast they can push new app updates to Android compared to iOS, I believe. Nature of the beast, sadly.

(Zac) #350

I really like the design of pots, and it’s been a feature i’ve been wanting from a bank since i started using YNAB (the disadvantage with YNAB being you have to enter in all your spending manually).

However, if i’m saving for some big long-term stuff i’d want this money to be earning some interest, so i’d be leaving it in an interest-earning account or transferring it to my ISA. Will wait to see what sort of integrations Monzo has, but it would be great to be able to indicate a transfer to another account as going toward a pot. E.g. I transfer £500 to my interest-earning account and that’s tracked against my ‘holiday’ pot as a credit, rather than it counting as money going out on my Monzo budget

(MikeF) #351

From everything that has been said on here in the last year, that sort of external integration is exactly where Pots is going. I’m not sure it will be there on first release, but that’s certainly the plan for the future.

(Zac) #352

Yeah I hope so. I keep a max of £2k in my current account for emergencies, but anything beyond that should be sitting somewhere it can earn something. Looking forward to the future of Monzo :slight_smile: