I currently use them for the Goals feature.

Interest rate is negligible really for amounts in there.

Looking forward to seeing Monzo’s Pots offering.


Yes I’ll not get rich quick relying on the interest!!

Everyone went mad for Goals on Starling, so it will be interesting to see what Monzo can make of their offering, Pots.

I really like the idea of Goals/Pots and I could really see myself using them. Who makes the better go of it remains to be seen. How it integrates with the rest of the app will be good to see, if you can set up regular payments from the app to your Goals is big for me. Also how interest is paid as there’s no point saving to a goal/pot with no incentive?!


That makes no sense when monzo offer 0% and they both plan to intergration via market place.

I have my in MoneyFarm anyway.


I wasn’t aware of the integration. When you say both, I assume you mean Monzo and Starling. Starling already pay their own interest on Goals?

Oh well, will be good to see where is goes.

(MikeF) #316

I want these for my budgeting methodology so (in my head) it’s about spreading costs reather than saving. Thus interest is of secondary importance.

Automated regular payments will make a big difference to me too.


I think it’s about time for a new Sneak Peek of Pots.
Actually, It’s been a long time since we saw any new Sneak Peek.


Yes I agree it’s a great budgetary tool, almost putting funds ‘out of reach’. I don’t want to appear greedy when I say about interests it’d just be a bonus. To be fair, any interest of 0.5% on whatever I have in the Pots would be negligible anyway!!

Scheduled/regular payments are a great idea, a real hidden super saver.

If a save the change Pot could also be created, if save the change can also be added, that would be great. Hint hint!!


They might appear for real soon, they are coming ‘VERY soon’ according to Monzo.


the definition of “VERY soon” could vary.
For me, “very soon” and with capital letters means by next week at the latest !! Wishful thinking


Me too. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

(Danny) #322

Not sure if this specific question has been asked - but will Pots be considered our main balance (e.g. for overdraft purposes), kind of like an offset mortgage?

For example, if my account is £500 overdrawn but I have £700 in my pots, will I be charged interest?

If not… It could get a little annoying in the days before payday.


I know with Starling Goals, the Pots are considered part of a total balance. Hopefully Monzo will go the same way.

(Tim) #324

After using Starling goals. Pots can’t come any sooner.

(Louis Otto) #325

I don’t mind waiting for it to be ‘right’ before they ship it, but pots is basically the last thing I need before I leave my legacy bank and move to Monzo.


Loving this.

I actually suggested something similar to first direct about 18 months ago…but got no response.

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #327

Just got the email! Pots are coming in days!!! EXCITED!


Qualification. Pots at 0% makes no sense for savers.

Pots (not Goals) could be used more effectively and flexibly than Starling’s current implementation that they’ve imagined only as saving for particular targets.

The wat I’d like to use pots is different and it’s something that was discussed is detail in this community a couple of months ago before Starling released Goals.

Imagine you that when you get paid, your salary is divided into different pots.

My money, for example, would be divided in predetermined sums into mortgage, household, utilities, motoring, holiday fund pots. There may be more.

Each month, the mortgage payment would be taken from the mortgage pot. Gas and electricity DDM would come from the utilities pot. Whereas motoring and holiday pots accrue more money month-on-month up until I service the car or pay VEL or car insurance. The holiday pot builds up until I book a holiday.

It’s along the lines of jam-jar or envelope budgeting.

The potential for pots (Jam-jars, envelopes) etc is far more than the currently basic implementation we’ve seen so far.

That’s my thoughts. I’d rather this than pay Squirrel a fiver a month.

(Louis Otto) #329

What email??? I wish to know of this email! :slight_smile:

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #330


That’s exactly what will clinch me in the end. Pots or whatever Starling rename there’s to as suggested (pots?? Haha)