I think in future Monzo will bring saving options with in app Marketplace or partnerships with 3rd party providers


The 0.5% on a £2,000 deposit equates to about 85p per month.

I’d happily sacrifice that for better UI.


You are both absolutely correct.

I would not deem anything below 3% as a savings account really as there is no reward.

Was playing devil’s advocate.

Piggybanking is a feature I was taught in the 70s and there was no additional return then as was cash and moneyboxes.

I love the Pots, Goals, Jars features.

Looking forward to seeing the Monzo version.


I like the idea of pots/goals/jars.

I would like to be able to set a target amount with a deadline date (I.e £600 for a holiday in June 2018), could the pot then advise how much each month I’d need to save to reach my target amount. If 1 month I got behind, could this increase my average paying in amount over the remaining months? Maybe also a slim bar graph showing how I was going?

I might be asking for too much, but if you don’t ask you don’t get!


Not really. I’m sure my Nationwide Regular Saver has that feature.

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Hey @ojtsmith - I’ve moved your post here as this is simliar to some ideas discussed around ‘Pots’.

I love the idea! :clap:

There have also been some discussions about saving the change. Just use the search function at the top right (magnifying glass) and type in ‘Save the change’. Here’s one to get you started. Save The Change 1

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This is brilliant and I would definitely use it! Genius!

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I love this idea Starling and B already do this i love the way B works not so much starling if Monzo done this along with the cashback idea Monzo would be a clear winner.


This is great, I currently use Squirrel to help put money aside and only send me what I need when I need it. I’m also a fan of YNAB’s ‘give every pound a job’ philosophy.

There are some extensions to this idea that could be neat:

  • Consider giving us the option to turn budget categories into pots so we can stop ourselves from overspending when money is needed elsewhere / have regular payments go into pots.
  • Allow authorised companies to take money from pots. I.e. I could create a bills pot, and tell it based on my history that British Gas, NPower and Thames Water are allowed to take money from it. You might be able to speed this up a bit with some smart categories, i.e. ‘Allow Utility Companies’, ‘Allow Grocery Vendors’, and so forth.

You should really consider partnering with Squirrel. :slight_smile:


It would be far easier to replicate Squirrel than integrate with it. I loved the idea of Squirrel but decided to just replicate it with a main bank account, savings accounts and Monzo as my spends account.

A partnership could take many forms. Like maybe a partnership could be in the form of Squirrel becoming a team at Monzo :wink:

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How about creating a savings bin in some sort of cupboard where it’s off your balance. But still get access when needed.

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Check this may not be in a cupboard but still good :smile:

@tomsr merge


Great minds, glad to hear that you are on the ball. Cheers👍

I’d rather not pay though.

This would be really good please do this (also interest on the entire account would be good!)


Pots with save the change would be great.

Have pots gone live in the current account yet? Just signed up for the current account last night and waiting for my card. Looking forward to seeing the current account layout compared to the prepaid.




Can’t wait to see what they look like in the current account. If you can schedule payments directly to them from the current account that would be ideal.

Has there been any news on whether these accounts will attract interest as they are more a savings account rather than a current account?

Exciting times.

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Pots could have savings functionality, in this case the savings product would be offered by another bank (although displayed through Monzo) and therefore the interest would be set by the other bank.

ie. you might be able to apply for a Lloyds savings account through Monzo which would have 3% interested - or whatever.