Pots - How they are viewed (tiles/folders/images)

Something simple, instead of seeing my pots as large and awkward lists, could we see them as a sleeker tile type design like apps on a phone? You could even take it one step further and be able to group certain pots into individual folders very much like apps on a phone. I’d also like to be able to customise the icon pictures further than what’s currently offered.

Many thanks


As we are currently allowed only 10 pots (I believe is current number) I think it’s probably too much trouble to have folders, etc. for them. But I do agree with a sleeker appearance to them (if you have all ten, have to scroll a lot haha).

Pictures they have spoken about in another thread, and there was talks about possibly collaborating with an images website to allow us to pick from the stock - I read it as individual images each would probably be hard on the servers, but who knows :slight_smile:

It might be worth having a look in this thread, with quite a few ideas on the go: Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯