Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

(Paul) #305

The target for pots (the black progress line) doesn’t correspond to the amount that’s in the pot e.g. £30 of a £100 target should look like a third of the way along but it’s way out. When you press the account tab again they all change to their correct positions. Probably a bug


Aswell as setting a target amount for a pot I would like to be able to set a target date. I could then have a pot for annual car insurance renewal and be able to easily see if I needed to top up the pot before the date.

Also, being able to make a payments from pots would be useful. I could then have direct debits coming out of pots, fenced off from the main spending from the account.

(Thomas Hutchins) #307

I’d love to see a “Total Account Balance” somewhere including all pots, not something I’d check often but would be a nice quick solution to those times where I’ve had to add up all my pots + balance.

I’d also like the Pots to have an open/closed toggle. Selecting a pot to be “open” would allow this money to be automatically used from this pot if your account doesn’t have enough money in it for the current transaction.

A couple of times I’ve been caught out towards the end of the month where I’ve had to manually move money out of a pot. (Yes Yes I could use IFTTT but it would be nice if this was an inbuilt feature)

(Jedihomer Townend) #308

If you go to the account page, at the very top is a total balance

(Thomas Hutchins) #309

Right you are! I’ve never noticed that before!

(Beta User) #310

Hey All,

Before Pots I found it difficult to save money. Everything would be in one big “pile” and I would have no clear goals on what to save for. Pots have changed how I save money and what I need to save for!

Each day I think of another thing that a Pot would be useful for, but I’m consciousness of the 10 Pot limit. Therefore I would love to have the function of unlimited Pots (even if that means scrolling for a while on iOS).

I wanted to see how many others would like more Pots, so please see the Poll below.

  • I would love to have more than 10 Pots in Monzo
  • 10 Pots is plenty. I would rather Monzo spent the development time on something else

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(Beta User) #311

:smirk: you’re all voting the wrong way guys!!


This was only ever going to go one way :joy:

(Tony) #313

I’d be happy if they increased the number of possible images to choose from for a pot. I’m not even asking for custom images! I’m so easily pleased! :rofl:

(Pav) #314

It would be nice to have a holiday money pot, which you can link to the debit card while travelling . Only cash in that pot would be used while away and all regular payments just get debited from the main account. Both for safety and temptation to spend more than you have allocated :slight_smile:


Why can’t we move money between Pots? Think this is a basic feature that has been overlooked. Instead of having to

Pot A —> Current Account ----> Pot B

we should just be able to do

Pot A —> Pot B

(Toby Toller) #316

If you are taking holidays outside of the UK you can achieve this via the IFTTT integration.

Using this applet:

Move "excess" money to pot
(Ste) #317

I think it could be good to be able to, on the day before pay day, move some money (balance - set amount) to a pot.

so if i had £179 on the day before payday and i have set the minimum account balance to £50 then move £129 to a pot.

(Tim Banting) #318

Some banks call this a “sweep” feature. Certainly like to see that with Monzo.

(viralpickaxe) #319

I’d really love a way to automatically empty my main account into a pot just as my salary gets paid in. So for example, I get to the 31st (payday) and still have £102.49 on my card, as soon as my salary gets paid the £102.49 gets transferred to a pot, and my salary is now the amount of money I can spend.

I’m not a person who budgets, but rather like to just keep whatever I have at the end of the month + some money I put aside at the start. The key thing with this idea is this would only move the money once my salary has been paid in, so I would never have a 0 balance card.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #320

This has been requested loads of times. The main topic for all pots feedback is here if you’d like to have a read and add suggestions. :slight_smile:


More Pots please. - or make it seem like there are…

I’m trying to save for a number of things and trying to use a pot for each expense.

Can we have more pots please…
Can you make it seem like there are more pots. Instead of having a physical account in the background it could be a single pot. Easier and presumably cheaper for Monzo to administer?

Overlay some clever Monzo code to track different totals. So if the full total is £1000 (I wish but easier for this demo). Split it with a code in the background into holiday £100, new car £200, car insurance £200, etc. Would be similar to a spreadsheet ledger but it’s too complicated for me and I’d just spend it if I saw it all. But if Monzo did it it would be great!

Also you could then have interest on the whole account (presumably easier again for Monzo) then put the interest into the Current account.

Thoughts people…?
Pleeese Monzo :pray:

(Ryan Varley) #322

There is already a calculation of balance at start of budget month. As such, I’d like to automatically transfer that amount to a pot at the beginning of a pay cycle.

(Ryan Varley) #323

The pot cards are too big. I’d like the option to collapse them down to smaller, single line elements. Having a progress bar for goals would take up a second line.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #324

Yep, +1 for that