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(Andy) #325

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(Oliver Bethell) #326

I used the scheduled payment out of pots feature for the first time today. I discovered that it comes out after standing orders are attempted (I was using it as a test to take money out for bills).

Would be useful if you could set a time as well as a date for the schedule.

Apologies if this has already been raised!


(Sam H) #327

I saw the headline image on this article and thought it’d be about Monzo pots… oops!


I thought the same when I saw this from the Met Office :joy:


I’d really like the option to have any money moved into my pot count towards my daily and monthly spend. Even though I’m not technically spending any money, I want savings in my pot to be ‘hidden’ from me, and I feel it would be easier to manage my savings if money moved into my pot counted as a transaction.

(Investor) #330

When we set a goal for a pot it would be great if we had an option to set a target date. That way the pot could utilise a similar “wheel” as in the summary section to tell you if your saving is on track or not.

(Matt C) #331

Is there a particular reason why you (Monzo) chose to have it so that you need to scroll across to access pots? It means a lot of swiping left or right. I’d personally prefer if it was in a list format - potentially at the moment with my card and two other pots it would mean I would see everything on one screen rather than having to scroll across twice to access a pot. If I had upwards of 4/5 pots I would find scrolling across extremely irritating.

Edit: to be honest, even if the card is on the front screen and you scroll to a list of pots that would be preferred for me. Not sure what others think? But it could be a setting to display it in either of those ways.


It’s a list on Android, but I dislike it as much as scrolling horizontal. A grid would be much better.

(Peter Shillito) #333

Well, I now have 9 pots, but I don’t really need access to most of them as they’re holding pots for various bills. I would however like to re-order pots so the ones I need regular access to are first and the ones that are automatically managed by scheduled transfer are at the end.

(James) #334

Not sure if this has been suggested before but it’s something I find myself needing over and over…

When I receive money from a friend its very likely I want to send it straight into a pot (we’re getting a holiday together or whatever). It would be great if there was an option when viewing the inbound payment to route it straight to the pot I want. Right now I have to exit out, find pots and retype in all the info… plus then I lose the metadata of the payment.

An even more amazing version would be the ability to invite friends to send a payment straight into a pot automatically.

(Justinas Marozas) #335

Would be really cool if I could link pots with recipients so a pot would be used when making payments to them. Half my pots are the money set aside for regular payments for rent, bills, university. So a small number of recipients per pot. When payment dates are due I have to remember to draw money from the pots into main account so those payments succeed.


I think Committed Pots might help you, here…

(Matt Jones) #337

It’s essential that each Pot can have its own Sort Code and Account Number. Currently I have a couple of savings accounts which earn more or less 0% interest at my current legacy bank, but I use these accounts in a Pots style, in other words when is called “Gym Membership”, one is called “Holiday Fund” etc., and each month I move a scheduled payment into these accounts. Having a SC and AC means I can easily transfer money from accounts outside of my current legacy bank straight into these savings accounts.

(Perdi) #338

Looking for feedback on this in various threads - wanted to add my vote for being able to do this but couldn’t find it on the list of features to vote for. Do we know if it’s being considered? Thanks :slight_smile:

(MikeF) #339

I haven’t heard anything that suggests this is on any form of roadmap. Sorry.


Maybe it could be done via payment reference? So you put a reference in the pot settings and if an incoming payment has a reference that matches that it goes straight into the pot?

(Matt Jones) #341

That sounds a good approach too.

(UnknownPANIC) #342


Decided to try and make this a little easier for use to help Monzo :monzo: and for them to hear our suggestions.

This is Only about pots.

So I’ve been looking up other chats and found some ideas that it appears everyone wants.

Please try not to go off topic. Hopefully this takes off and keeps all the suggestions in one place. Admins feel free to delete/move the post to where you see fit.

  • Custom Pictures on pots.

  • Being able to transfer money between pots (not going via your main account first).

  • Being able to have a payee transfer / pay money straight into a pot.

  • Being able to pay a direct debit straight from a pot.

  • Having a more easily accessible way of viewing all the pots - (Scrolling slowly horizontally through all your pots is just too slow)

If you have anymore suggestions please mention them below.

(Tom ) #343

Thanks for pulling this summary together.

Have moved your post here, to the dedicated pots feedback thread.

(Peter Shillito) #344

This is a good summary of what everyone’s after, thank you, although going through pots right now is scrolling horizontally rather than vertically.