Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

Hey Monzo Guys!

I think it would be really nice to have the option to move a custom amount of money between pots rather than just multiples of fives and tens.


Hey. You can move exact amounts into pots - just touch the £amount and then the keyboard will pop up.

At present you can’t move money between pots. Only between main account and pots or visa versa.


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@tomsr’s advice is spot on.
I also think that moving funds between pots would be a nice feature, but at present, you’ll have to withdraw money from your pot and deposit it into another.

Tip: Create a pot named “Coin Jar”, and your purchases will be rounded up, and the spare change deposited into this pot automatically.


I think it would be great to have a larger variety of available designs for pots, customisable or unique pictures. Also different shapes rather than just a card shape, possibly a pot shape, purse, wallet design? Anyone agree?

The round up only works on transactions, and as long as you have minimum £10 in your account. It currently does not work with payments in, direct debits or standing orders. (Or is it card payments you’re specifically referring to?)

Heya, just sharing a Sneak Peek on Shared Pots - check it out! :eyes:


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Is there still no way to move money between pots without having to move it to main account first?


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I’ve reached my 10 Pot limit and I wish I could create more. I love having Pots for saving goals like a new Tech Toy.

Does anyone know the reason for 10 limit? Any news on this being increased? Will a “Shared Pot” eat into my 10 limit?



Quick win (little hacky :thinking:)
When transferring money into my account. In the reference field of bank transfer. if a key is used like “potHoliday”, when monzo receives the money in my account a script/bot auto moves the money to a pot called “Holiday” or if not found creates one.

Similar to how monzo use to direct money to accounts in the old days of prepaid before all the new CA business.

In addition this refence key idea, it would work well with a greater than 10 pot limit.

Also I know their is a string length limit on the bank transfer reference field, but a search/match should find closest pot. “PotSuperSunnyHol” could easily link to poorly named “Super Sunny Holiday” pot.

A vote for Transfer between Pots from me. So basic you intuitively look for the button to do it… just has to be there.

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Not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere in the thread but I noticed a limit of £15k this morning to move money into a pot. It was easily got around by doing two moves but it’s an extra step that shouldn’t need to exist

You keep more than 15k in pots? Why? Invest invest invest

I keep £50k in pots coz why not



My G

It was money I invested, I just withdrew it from my broker as I now need it towards the deposit on a house.

That said when I regularly receive money from investments and would put it in pots even if it’s for the medium term until I find the right investment


Fair enough - got any spare cash going?

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Not now I’ve bought a house :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: