Pots and Targets

(Dan) #1


2 Ideas in one post here… few quite easy fixes I think?

  1. Being able to re-arrange the order of Pots on iOS - I’m a bit OCD and to me it’s in the wrong order so just being able to change that will be great!

  2. Targets. I get paid 24th of each month. So the ability to change when targets get reset ie change from 1st to 24th of each month. This will better help me budget as its accurate for my pay month?


(Micky) #2

The ability to specify a custom start date for targets/monthly spend has already been requested a number of times over the last 2 years without any progress being made, even the most basic budgeting apps have this feature since without it the whole budgeting thing just doesn’t work.

(Dan) #3

Oh right :confused: surely it’s not too hard to integrate? I’m no iOS developer but i’m a web developer and this is just a database query change…

(Tom L) #4

I totally agree, in regards the custom target date. I want my target to start on pay day and run until the next pay day, the first of the month is totally irrelevant to my finances / budgeting.

I love the pots idea and all the other more peripheral functions that are planned, but I’m really surprised hat such a core feature hasn’t been worked out first.

Hopefully it’s done soon to catch up with other similar apps! :slightly_smiling_face: