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(Darren Bea) #1

Hi I’ve been playing about with the targets section. It would be great if there was a bit more customisation like weekly targets, also being able to select the date that the target starts

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(Zainab Khan) #2

Hey @Bulled1991!

It’s a great point and something that’s on our radar! It’s a commonly requested feature and would make the budgeting tool more accurate so definitely wanting to make it happen. There’s no official date on when we’ll add custom timeframes to the Target feature yet but definitely looking into and will keep you updated! :blush:

(Melissa) #3

I agree. It would be great if you could set your own start date for targets so it can work with the day you get paid. Im a little out of sync and would be so much easier if you could personalise. Look forward to any update on this feature. Thanks.

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