Pots and Payee


  1. Can we reorganise the pots. Rather then swipe right all the time to have them under the main card. For example i have 6 pots currently and i will like them to be under the main account and smaller.
  2. Can we have more different types of logos, for example the one with white background.
  3. Payees - to be able to save them and also categorise them by groups , family, friends, overseas etc.
  4. Pictures for payees saved.

This would be pretty cool. There are other UX improvements they should do. But I believe Monzo currently is trying to focus on core banking features so they can get more customers. Maybe after they bigger they can invest some time/resources in this but I wouldn’t hold my breath even then.

Of all of that, certainly more fulsome Payee management is key at this stage. I’m all for cosmetics, but at the right time.