Post of the week 7/9/18 - Dannytc on becoming Debt Free

(Richard Cook) #1

Hello everyone! :wave:

There’s a lot of great posts on this forum every week, and we don’t want you to miss it! So we’re trying something new: highlighting a great post from our community every week.

And we’re kicking off with this post from @Dannytc

We were really inspired by Danny’s journey towards becoming debt free, overcoming adversity and hardship along the way. Along with his personal story, he’s also shared some practical tips to help other community members. It’s a really good read, especially in the context of the recent news around payday loans.

Thanks again for sharing, @Dannytc! :heart:


Post of the damn year yo!

(Emma (still not the app)) #3

Danny is a real inspiration :heart:

(MikeF) #4

A well thought out and well articulated post. Congrats on on getting PotW!

(Jack) #5


Congrats Danny!

Good idea Richard!


Aw thank you ! Really glad people found it useful/interesting.

Really think this place is perfect to be a platform to be open and honest, Monzo is out to change banking, so nothing stopping the community sharing and helping each other along the way !

Can’t wait to see the post next week :slight_smile: