Plum Savings integration

Try and sign up on the web portal is the main Facebook messenger is not working :slight_smile:

I’ve tried but Monzo still isn’t available on my account. I don’t think it’s been activated yet.

Does anyone here have experience with both Plum and Chip?
I’ve only used Chip.

I know the modes of interaction are different (Chip - dedicated app; Plum - FB Messenger) and there are different means of earning a return (Chip - interest of cash savings; Plum - invest in P2P loans and soon stock market funds). Apart from that, does anyone have any thoughts on differences or relative strengths/weaknesses of Plum and Chip?


I came across this in the referral wiki:

Plum now works with Monzo, finally. It’s a great and easy way to save money; and earn interest (or invest in beta)

Not sure if it actually works, but might be useful :grin:

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Do you have to use Facebook? Just checked out the website and it asks me to install Facebook messenger everytime i try and signup

Yes :cry: I tried to use it but I’m very anti-facebook, I’m hoping they’ll release a stand alone app though


You have to use Facebook messenger, but I think you can use Facebook messenger without a Facebook account.

According to their latest seeder they are looking at doing an app :slight_smile:

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Sadly nothing here yet on my messenger to let me connect :monzo:

Hi guys, you have to ask customer support to be enrolled on the beta!


Someone had mentioned it was going fully love today but guess not :frowning:

That’s :monzo: (and starling) live in plum bot :raised_hands:


Thank you!

Setting it up now :grin::grin: How many of you use RateSetter with it? Is it good?

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Is anyone else stuck on the Monzo “securely linking your bank account”? Is it like a mini-DDOS effect?

I’ve used Ratesetter on its own, but not via Plum.

Are you asking if Ratesetter is good or if the integration with Plum is good?

Plum need to step up their social media communications because it’s not even mentioned on their twitter, but it was confirmed by the founder on Seedrs…

P.S. @brenda plum is now live


The other thing I noticed, their help pages also don’t mention Monzo as a supported bank (at least when I last checked)

Exactly, this help page concerning supported banks hasn’t been updated for 3 months.
This is unprofessional at the very least which is a shame because Plum have a great product/service that can resonate with people.

The mention of Ratesetter integration piqued my interest. I use it and Funding Circlre on and off - it’s actually something I’m hoping Monzo turns it’s hand to at some point.

But a Facebook Messenger bot? :cry: Just about the last interface I’d want to use.