Plum Savings integration

(Peter) #1

Is there any news about when Monzo will be added as a bank with Plum?

(Alex Sherwood) #2

You’d have to ask Plum I’m afraid. Once they’re an AISP (it looks like they aren’t yet), they’ll be able to build an integration using Monzo’s dedicated API.

(Andy) #3

Plum said on 18th May, coming soon.

And as of last week co-founder, Alexis, said it’s been actively worked on, it shouldn’t be too long…

(Trys Harrison) #4


Which one should be live by end of week?
Monzo or Starling?

(Matt ) #7

They said that to me a couple of months back. Let’s hope it’s true this time

(Alex Sherwood) #8



Been interested in using plum for a while. Anyone used it already?

(Andy) #10

I’m at present on the beta for Plum and Monzo not Long linked up my account

(Andy) #11

I highly recommend it. Especially with its recent investment options.


Cheers think I’ll give it a go once I go #fullmonzo

(Andy) #13

Sounds like Monzo integration is just around the corner too so good timing.

(Andy) #14


How does the authentication work? Via an email magic link?

(Andy) #16

Yea the auth is done via email magic link :slight_smile:

(Andy) #17

Sweet! How did you get this? Did you just ask support?

(Andy) #18

Was a post on the plum Group Facebook page with a link to a form to fill in :slight_smile:


I’ve never used Plum before. Is it possible to just see your balance displayed normally or is it all done through a silly chat bot?

Oh it looks like you have to use it through Facebook messenger :roll_eyes:

Would be cool if it integrated with Google Assistant.

(Andy) #20

Yes it is all run via Facebook messenger they also have a web portal also and they have an app in the pipeline going by the latest seeders round

(Peter) #21

How long did it take for plum to let you know you can connect your Monzo account? I signed up for the beta yesterday but haven’t had anything through yet.