🇵🇭 Monzo in the Philippines [Discussion]

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I’m on Android so can’t do it directly from the exact transaction but I’ll tell them anyway.

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Informed and already updated. :wink:

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Went to Philippines in April and Monzo worked very well with BPI, where there are no charges, but, both me and my girlfriend had issues with RCBC. We tried getting PHP 10000 (£164.45) in different days, and different locations, and the RCBC machines gave us the card back, no money, but still debited the money from our accounts. In El Nido, because we really needed cash to pay for the hotel and there’s only 2 banks, RCBC and BPI, and BPI was out of cash at the time, I tried using my NatWest card and it worked fine (N.B. between fees and exchange rate I was charged almost £10 more than when using Monzo)

In the meantime we have obviously complaint to Monzo (great customer support btw), and had to fill in a form. We are now waiting to get an answer, and hopefully our money, back from RCBC (Max 45 days of waiting time).

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Hi There! I am in Puerto Galere, Oriental Mindoro Island, Philippines. this is a lovely little port town with beutiful beaches and islands. The thing is this is a very little town. I had no problem using Monzo card in Manila (Pasig, Mandaluyong,) and no problem in Tagaytay either. But in this town there is only one bank the PNB bank. This bank is not recognising Monzo card although its showing master card. when i put in my card asks for pin and then i can select withdrawal but at the end after accepting the 200peso atm charge it comes back only with a message of: Sorry we cannot withdraw money please try to use your own banks atm. :S There is no message inside the monzo app that it have been an unsuccessful attempt of withdrawal. (in manila it gave me message if my magstripe have not been enabled) So my magstripe is on but still no message why is it declined. Can you pleas help? The nearest bigger town with more banks and ATMs is Calapan 50km away :smiley: I have only 120 peso left XD (ps. keep in mind guys always have some back up cash hidden somewhere) as I am planing to traveling for a few months you can imagine how much would be if i would need to use my HSBC card or credit card :S In Manila tho the exchange even after the 200peso charge still much better than the currency exchange in london (66.7 vs 61.5)

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is it something to do with your withdrawal limits being reached ? check on the app - “card” - “settings” - “spending and top up limits”

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hi there i havent used the card for nothing else today so i cannot be the limit. and also my monthly limits are well below the limitations. I will try tomorrow morning again before Im heading to Calapan. will let you know

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Hi there, glad you’re enjoying Puerto galera.
I’m not too familiar with PNB bank but some Philippine ATMs have a P10,000 limit per withdrawal transaction. However if you try to withdraw more than that it just declines it without notice. Each machine and/or bank have different rules even though there is interconnectivity (use your own bank’s ATM). If it does work and you need more money, you will have to pay the P200 transaction fee for every transaction. Hope the above works

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I was in the Philippines last January (pre-me having Monzo) and found almost nowhere took cards. Large supermarkets and upscale shopping, nowhere else. Even places like Jollibee that are major Filipino chains were cash-only (and Jollibee takes cards in the US - in fact they’re one of the few chains in the US to have EMV contactless and chip and PIN all working properly).

Is this situation improving? I’m hoping to go back next year.

Everything was incredibly cheap, so the £200 ATM limit was plenty, but at 200 PHP per withdrawal, ATM withdrawal is painful (I was using an American bank that paid the fee for me, but I’m planning to close my American accounts)!

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In the philippines for holiday made one transaction all Good here :philippines: Philippines

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NIce one hope your having a good time out there remember to turn magstripe on for the atms :sunglasses:

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Hi all. I’ll be heading to the Philippines soon. Just to make sure from someone that has been recently, will I be able to withdraw cash from atm with my Monzo card? I’ve read various stories of the card not working and not giving good rates as well as charging a fee.
Any advice anyone?

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Yes you will. You’ll be charged 200 pesos (£3 ish) at every ATM you use. Monzo aren’t to blame for that though as every foreign card gets charged. It’s a maximum of 10000 pesos per withdrawal.

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you will also have a £200 rolling 30 day “fee free cash allowance” after which cash withdrawals will incur a 3% fee , but all POS transactions are “fee free” - these also come with limits - see “account” - “manage” - “spending limits”


Thanks for the responses. Yes I know about the £200 fee free 30day rolling. I’ve used my Monzo card in numerous countries but read on lots of forums that foreign cards don’t work in Philippines. So thought the best place to ask about Monzo is here!

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What is the current rate in Philippines banks to withdraw from ATM

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71.15 pesos for £1 according to mastercard today :slight_smile:


you’ve said you have used Monzo abroad in numerous countries but not sure whether you have seen this very helpful guide

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Travelling from Indonesia to Philippines on Friday and just wondered if anybody could advise the best atms to use as read a lot of different information on this topic here.

I will be arriving in Cebu and plan to travel Cebu island, Siquijor, Bohol and Palawan.

Any advise on this would be much appreciated.


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Hi everyone!

Thanks for sharing these tips - they are so helpful! I’m travelling to the Philippines in two weeks and wonder what do you recommend then? I mean, if we can’t take out more than £200 without a fee and the ATMs charges you everytime, I wonder whether you think it’s worth it to change some cash before hand?

Many thanks,

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My Experience in the Philippines with Monzo

Not long got back from Bacolod City.

I had zero Issues using my Monzo Card at BDO and Metro Bank ATM’s However i had to enable Magstripe Transactions once i was there. There are options on the screen i just made sure I clicked Savings Account when i made withdrawls. However there is a fee of 250PHP per transaction at ATM’s. I used it for some Emergency funds at the Airports, Grab Cabs(similar to Uber no fee just used my card normally) and used Western Union for the rest of the funds i needed over the £200 limit.

Also i would Recommend Picking up a Local SIM Card and loading it once you arrive. Avoid the ones at the Airport as their a rip off. You can pick them up at any Robinsons or SM Malls a lot cheaper. The App worked flawlessly on the Globe network i didnt have a chance to test Smart though. Just make sure your in a LTE Area when you use it though as it can take some time to load up when not. No need for a VPN at all!!

All in all. No issues whatsoever for me.