Petrol Station merchant name

A feature I really like is to see how much I have spent & my average at a given merchant. This data will now be incorrect for Tesco (I’m mainly using Esso petrol station) as it will not be separated from my petrol.

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Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There are some Tesco petrol stations with a mini-mart with Tesco pumps but others with Esso pumps. It is odd buying from Esso but getting a Tesco receipt. So I never think this will be perfect, Monzo just needs to make it the best they can :wink:

I guess that it is next to UK impossible for Monzo to differentiate from fuel or groceries if we pay in the he shop in the gear cases, but I’d expect the there to be a way to categorise ‘pay at pump’ as fuel? Unless we are buying vast quantities of Cabernet Sauvignon :thinking:


I’m going to see what is possible with regards to fixing this. I know we use some regex for handling Uber and it would probably be possible to do the same here :slight_smile:

I was under the impression that the POSes had the same configuration as shop ones, but obviously that isn’t correct!


@HughWells Have a chat with Jonathan. He’s given me the most complete answer so far.

Since receiving my debit card I’ve been purchasing fuel with it too. The first time I bought fuel from a supermarket it was categoriesed as groceries, so I changed it to travel. Now as I would expect, next time I went shopping, it was categoriesed as travel.

I had hoped that after a few times recategorising, the app would learn that Tesco at address A is groceries and Tesco at address B is travel. This does not seem to be the case. Is Monzos categorisation simply ‘whatever the category was last time a purchase was made at this retailer’?

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My local waitrose has their quick scan checkout tills tagged as the in store Cafe. I appear to be spending a huge amount on eating out!

That is a good point. Monzo could try and not only look at the merchant name but also address. Moreover, if most people recategorise ‘a Tesco at address B’ as ‘Travel’ maybe Monzo could automatically categorise it as travel for others?

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Alas, my local Morrisons, and it’s petrol station, share the same address.

It prevents me from using IFTTT for fuel purchases at supermarket outlets unfortunately.

This is HUGE minus for Monzo. I fill my car at Tesco petrol station twice a month for £150 in total… so spending tab is totally useless as this transactions categorised as groceries.

You can manually change the category to transport. It’s been raised a few times now and being looked in to


Yes I tried this… All spending at Tesco Extra categorised as Transport after…

I normally shop at Sainsbury’a and get petrol at Tescos essos.
Two months ago I however I used a Sainsbury’s fuling station. Changed my transaction to ‘transport. I totally forgot about that and now all my last 2 month of groceries at Sainsbury’s is showing as transport… :rofl::joy::confounded:

This is something that annoys me quite a lot since it clearly says “ASDA SUPERSTORE” or “ASDA PETROL” in the transaction details depending on the transaction but the app still can’t differentiate between the two. Been waiting for ages to get this sorted.


Even disregarding what the text says the 4 digit Mastercard Merchant code will be different!

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Very good point, I didn’t even consider that.

I give Monzo quite a lot of leeway when they say something is more complicated than it seems to the end user because I can usually see some of the complications if I think about it.

But in this case i really cannot see what the difficulty is in assigning the proper category and it’s incredibly frustrating. It feels like they just can’t be bothered to be honest


The “problem” is that all the transactions are grouped together internally as one merchant group. In the app the category is filled automatically from previous transactions with the same merchant group. This will only be solved if Monzo decide to spilt transactions at filling stations into a separate merchant group. In every conversation I’ve had with them it doesn’t sound like they will be doing this any time soon.

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It is crazy. There are merchant codes for every transaction that dictate the type of transaction and to override them by using the merchant’s name as the defining method is hairbrained!


Iirc the monzo merchant categorisation stuff hasn’t changed much since the original implementation and it’s probably not something they consider a priority whilst there’s still functionality to add to the account that puts people off joining

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