Personalised Monzo Debit Card & For Every Online Transaction and Outside there should be an activation from the phone before a payment

Hey yall hope you are having a wonderful day/evening so far!

How many of you think Monzo should create this idea of personalising your own debit card? Imagine have a kitten picture on the card that you could stare at for hours :blush: haha.

Also who thinks before making a payment anywhere there should be some sort of verification from the phone first even when using contactless so if a card is stolen or lost nobody could get in hands of it and make fraud mistakes.

I hope this goes into consideration
Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Custom card designs Here

For online transactions the is 3DS (3D Secure)

Contactless payments now have a security buffer as standard here

And an additional feature here

All with a quick search of the rorum :wink: