Personal Financial Projections tool to make decisions

(Alistair) #1

Does anyone know of a quality personal finance tool to help make decisions such as investing+renting vs buying+rental income but which takes into account all the taxation variables such as: salary growth projections, taxable salary(salary - salary sacrifice pension), rental income &growth, ISA allowance (& how long it will take to move a large lump sum into a tax free ISA), property value increases, rental cost, upkeep of property costs, monthly saving …

I’m kinda struggling to do this in an Excel Spreadsheet and looking at most calculators I can find are way too basic.

In light of the 2016 budget I’m convinced that keeping money in a high return savings account such as Ratesetter is a better financial decision but it is very tedious to account for all the variables.

I don’t expect Mondo to build this but wondering if anyone else had come across a useful tool for this / how Mondo could help their customers make those good decisions.