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I currently use Barclays as a Bank, what I like the most as a Company Director is the ability to have my Personal Barclays account, Business Barclays account and Barclaycard Credit Card all accessible under one app. It would be great to see :mondo: do a Business Bank Account whereby you can access it from one login (not separate business and personal apps). There are two other directors in my company I founded, and would be nice for them to also have access to the Business account (so sharing with other Mondo personal accounts would be ideal or an individual account setup for those that don’t have a Personal account but need access to the Business one).

Before using Barclays Business account I used a bank called Card One Banking (who also uses prepaid Mastercards, be good when :mondo: gets the banking license to come away from this), they offered the ability to receive texts of all account activity so when a director transfers money, or money comes in or out it would send you a text (which is why I love the idea of :mondo:). I would like to see similar functionality as an app notification within :mondo: for Business use, specially if you could also do an integration with Kashflow an accounting software we use.

Please bring Business accounts to :mondo: I would sign up right now with my company if I could!


Hi Danny,

You are not alone in wishing Mondo offered business accounts but unfortunately there are currently no plans to offer them because the requirements are dramatically different. (See @tom’s response here.)

Hello Saveen,

Thanks for your response to my post, I really hope Mondo changes there mind on this specially for businesses that don’t require things like overdrafts, loans, etc.

We also use accounting software so don’t really need to do anything additional from what a personal account does and we are a limited company, just the convenience of having all accounts with one company is what makes everything more simple and easier to manage.

With what I have seen from Mondo would already make a perfect business account.

Best Regards

I would love that too for my company!

Tom has previously mentioned here,

… amongst other discussions, that Monzo don’t currently have plans for providing business bank accounts.

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