Idea: Pay a percentage of every income payment into a pot - useful for freelancers / gig workers saving

Feature request.

Pay a percentage of every income payment into a pot

Useful for freelancers or gig workers saving for a pension / holiday / house deposit / etc.

(Not a fixed amount on a fixed day each month. That’s not useful for freelancers who get paid irregularly and paid different amounts for each contract.)

Perhaps could be achieved with integration.

Hello! Would the tax pots work for this purpose? I don’t know much about how they work, I just know they exist!

Edit: yes, this seems to be the solution.

That’s only for business accounts though isn’t it?

Hi. Welcome.

You can vote for a very similar idea here

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Exactly what OP should be using unless they are also looking for a surprise account closure

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How about zero hours contract workers (on PAYE)? They shouldn’t need a business account surely?

You are right in that PAYE earnings should go into a personal account. If you are a sole trader you should use a business account for non PAYE income…

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