Pending transactions buying fuel at pump

If the kiosk is open. The local Asda to me is having a forecore re-fit soon with no kiosk and just pay at pump, and I think that’s gonna be more and more the norm.

Yes, the Asda here was built without fuel and then retrofitted with a Petrol station with no room for staff. Your option for assistance is in-store only with no option for non-pump payment.

In the US, I inserted my Tandem card at the pay at pump, removed the card (with no visible pending transaction or pre-auth in my feed) then pumped until the car was full. I then confirmed I was finished fuelling, and immediately (within a few seconds) saw I was debited the exact fuel amount.

If the US can get this right, why can’t we?

I guess that’s the downside - but with modern forecourts having CCTV and ANPR, I’d hope that would dissuade most people. Though I suppose you then have the issue of people using cloned plates. Hmm…

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I do kind of like the idea of paying before and not going over what you have selected and it would probably be best because you wouldn’t be able to steal anything.

I know petrol thefts happen on a regular basis, to the extent that when I worked at a Tesco you just had a booklet from the local police that you filled out with vehicle registrations and times of theft and gave to them every few days.

To be honest the only down side I see to paying before hand is you will never truly have a full tank because you’ll always be a few litres off and on the flip side you could also put more and then your tank could be full before you are done dispensing the amount you selected… (unless it maybe refunded what you hadn’t dispensed)

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