PDF statement for individual payments / transactions

If you’re trying to convince someone to do something, this is something you should avoid saying :sweat_smile:


Sorry It’s just my software engineering background talking :sweat_smile:
And I’m kind of used to having this feature. Back in Russia almost every bank app I’ve used allowed to export single transaction statements. It was a surprise to me that Monzo can’t do it.

Annoyingly if you take a screenshot you either get the amount or the account details on the same screen, never both. I guess it depends on the phone screen size but this is incredibly annoying.
For now you need to take two screenshots (top and bottom of the screen) and combine them in photoshop to get a “screenshot” of all the details in one picture.

C’mon monzo let me take at least a screenshot with all the details on one screen…

You don’t have extended screenshots? Are you on ios?


+1 for this.

It’s a great feature on Android where is scrolls for you while capturing your screen. No extra apps or anything necessary :raised_hands:


Yes, I’m on iOS :disappointed:

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iOS has it too.

“Full Page” at the top and then on the right you can crop it.


Wow. That has been hidden in plain sight.

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Well I never knew that! :exploding_head:

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And Android has the “Capture More” prompt which does the same :blush:

What is this witchcraft??!!!

Praise be to the keeper of the sacred knowledge


Really great tip, but this does not work in the Monzo iOS app. This only works in Safari iOS app and the likes AFAIC.

Picsew is an excellent (and inexpensive) app that can do this. I use it for all sorts of things.

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4 years and still nothing. I really like(ed) Monzo. Simple, easy to use but now I see it might actually be to simplistic. Shame really!