PayPal or VISA/MasterCards chargeback scheme?

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I would have done a small claims because PayPal ruled in his favour so I didn’t get my money and he keeps the item, so I’m totally out of pocket.

His case was pure fraud and I don’t have to lose money because of it,

He’s going to return an open item so I can’t resell it anywhere near what it was worth , and that’s before 2x eBay fees and 2X postage costs , so it wasn’t just a small inconvenience of reselling it.

I’m not a business who can afford these costs, that’s besides it was before Christmas when I needed the money.

Small claims court might be overkill in some cases , but why should fraudulent buyers get a free pass for nothing.


And taking someone to small claims court is worth the hassle of you simply pressing the accept return button in an email? It’s literally as simple as that.

eBay don’t charge you fees for a returned item.

The hassle of refusing it is far more than just accepting the return.

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Main issue was a used item is worth nowhere near the brand new one that I sent, in my messages I said that if it was still sealed I would have taken it back.

I chose no returns for a reason,

You would assume that people would understand that I don’t want to accept returns that’s why the listing said that, and they wouldn’t fight after I politely refused .

Making a small claims online doesn’t look too complicated, I didn’t threaten him with it, but that’s the route I would have taken if my appeal was rejected.


Is it just pressing a button? At the very least you lose the original shipping cost, which can be 20 to 150% of the value of the item itself if you’re talking about a private seller selling used stuff.

Adding to that, ebay now is very good at immediately reporting any sale to the taxman, meaning I have to pay 35% income tax on anything I sell and it’s not that easy to prove the sale was cancelled.

And all because of moron buyers? They’re the ones ruining it for everyone!

If you buy an item and it arrives on time and as described do what you will with it, but its your responsibility. The seller did its part

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That’s pretty annoying, in the UK there’s no such tax unless you’re selling paintings etc and I think the limit was about 6k last time I checked.