Payment transfer not accepting Monzo as bank/building society

I am based in the UK and have a home based business. My payments are made monthly to an account from the US, then I have to transfer the funds to my own bank account.
I am trying to transfer funds to Monzo, it has accepted the sort code and account number,but won’t accept Monzo’s name in the part that states Bank/Building Society name and says it is an invalid bank name.
Anyone shed any light on how I can complete transfer please?

Is this a transfer from the US, or from another UK financial institution?

I’m not clear on what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to transfer funds from a US bank account to Monzo?

If it’s from a UK bank account, which one?

And if it’s not a bank account, what service is it?


The company that sends funds is american and is called Hyperwallet. I can transfer in to my Lloyds account but I will be closing this soon and want to transfer funds in to Monzo but Hyperwallet does not want to accept Monzo for some reason

Monzo dont accept international transfers from the US yet

Have your tried using transferwise?

A TransferWise Borderless account will allow you to receive the funds in dollars, and either transfer them to Monzo, or spend the dollars.


Where would I find transferwise?
I receive the money in sterling not dollars, its all converted before it is put into hyperwallet.

Thank you for all your responses

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