Payment made from deleted virtual card

I deleted a card a while ago, most of yesterday a payment was attempted from it, this morning I found that a payment had succeeded.

I’ve done a support chat, but yet to receive a response (didn’t that used to be 24 hour?)

Yes but a long while ago. You should have received an automated message that out of hours and non-urgent enquires will be picked up in the morning.

Are you sure it was by the deleted virtual card and not Apple/Google pay/another virtual?

Think you need to go to Specsavers :eyes: look above that

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I was miles away last night.

I just assumed you made that top one manually as you needed it, and weirdly thought you were on about the DVLA.


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No it’s the same card (you can see the colour on the side)

They’ve done a charge back for it, but it bothers me that they’ve paid out of an expired card

I believe, and I’ve had a mojito or two this afternoon :rofl:, that if a merchant presents a transaction without an authorisation then we’re obligated to let the transaction through unless it’s fraudulent.

Merchants shouldnt do that, except in specific use cases like TfL, but occasionally somebody breaks the rules (hence why we can chargeback)