Payment detail page UI bug

Issue: swiping to exit a payment detail page displays a black gap at the top of the screen.

Details to reproduce: tap into a payment detail. Swipe right to navigate back.
OS: iOS 14.7.1
Device: iPhone XS
App Version: sending this bug report from the app, so hard to find while this sheet is open :frowning:

Yep, I can reproduce this.

iPhone 12 Pro
iOS 15 GM
Monzo 3.99

Same here - good spot. Also happens when clicking the back button, as well as swiping back.

iPhone 12
iOS 14.7.1 & 14.8
Monzo 3.99

Edit: Updated to 14.8 and same issue occurs.

Same here, just noticed it.

iPhone Xs
IOS: 14.8
Monzo version: 3.99