✅ [iOS] UI glitch when swiping away from a transaction

Issue: UI glitch when swiping away from a transaction.
Details on how to reproduce: swipe away from any transaction and the top bar glitches.
Same happens if you click the back button. It’s only noticeable when swping as the gesture is slower.
OS: IOS 11.4
Device: iPhone 7
App version: 2.2.0 #418


So this is a known bug and not very easy to work around sadly :sweat:

It’s because of a limitation of Apple’s system component UINavigationController. All navigation screens must have a navigation bar (header). Given that the feed screen doesn’t have any header by design, we are “hacking” the navigation bar by making it transparent. The problem appears when you perform an interactive transition. The app updates the colour of the navigation at the beginning of the transition and turns it transparent.

We’re going to add this topic to our iOS weekly meeting agenda to discuss it and try to find a better solution for this.

I can’t give you a timeframe because fixing this might involve a big change on how we build navigations in the app, or a design change.


Thanks the the detail Hugh. Will be interesting to see how this is resolved or what ideas you come up with :slight_smile:

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