Paying lotto

Trying to to pay lotto with my Monzo card but can’t how do I turn on the ganbling park of my account.

If you have gambling spending turned off. Then you will need to contact Monzo to deactivate it.

To turn off gambling block

Click on the manage part under your card or go to account. Scroll down to bottom and gambling block is there, you can turn it off so long as you didn’t activate it less than 48 hours ago.

In the help guide just type gambling block, it’ll tell you how to do it.

Edit - by any chance is it failing at the part where it directs you to the app to authorise the payment :thinking: if so click the option on the lottery page where it wants the code to tell it to send you an SMS

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Thanks for that will contact them cheers :+1:

Also, if you are under 18 I think gambling payments may be turned off my default.