Payday every Friday, not monthly

I get paid every Friday but the app thinks I get paid monthly, so my budgeting tool is a bit naff and constantly thinks I’m running out of money. Is there any way to change this?

Yes. Details incoming…

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Yes. Tap on the left to spend bar under your account balance

Tap on summary this period at the top

Tap on change next to start date

Tap on custom

Change every month to every week


Thanks. I saw you typing. If I’d typed all that and you’d beaten me I would have been grumpy


Pictoral version for grumpy peeps:

1 - tap on Summary pie chart:

2 - Tap on ‘calendar’ icon:

3 - Tap on ‘Change’:

4 - Tap on ‘Custom’, then ‘Continue’:

5 - Tap on ‘Resets every’ drop-down, then tap on ‘Week’, then tap on ‘Next’

What actually comes Next is unknown, as I don’t want to mess up my happily working monthly reporting period…


Mega, thanks!

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