Pay By Bank App- New Mastercard Initiative

So this is pretty neat as a concept. I wonder if Monzo has any plans to support it down the line. I am all for anything that helps reduce friction when buying things.

“Pay by Bank app is a new online checkout option that lets you pay using the bank app on your phone”


That’s interesting. I don’t know if it’s something we’ll have to choose to actively support or whether all Mastercard based cards will need to do it.

waits for @Rika to come and tell us all about it


I guess it’s cool. I just use Google Pay with Chrome/Chrome autofill at the moment which saves switching between apps.

Does this provide any extra security and does anywhere use it yet? :thinking:

Yeah so from what I can see now the Barclays Pingit app is the only place with support. As for security, I assume you will need some form of auth once in the app such as entering your pin or face/touch id

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It’s not really a card based thing - a number of banks support it, there’s an option within the app to Pay By Bank app and I believe it generates a code in app, or you enter a code from the site in your app and payment is processed through your banking app. That being said, I’ve never used it.

If you’re shopping on your phone, it can open the correct bank app which them prompts you for authorisation, otherwise it’s the code thing.


It’s not a new thing, has been around for a couple of years I think. Sadly without much take-up so far. I mentioned it back in November 2017, but their website (which as you can see used to be on its own domain, as it predated Mastercard’s purchase of Vocalink) has been around for longer.

Would be great to hear from Rika, but she touched on it recently in one of the excellent Q&As that @simonb runs :wink: (tap the :arrow_down_small: to see the quote being responded to):


It looks like Mastercard is becoming an Open Banking Payment Initiation Service Provider with this service. :eyes:

It’s been on my radar for a while and from what I can tell, is largely just going to connect to Open Banking APIs rather than being something we’ll support in our Mastercard specific services. :slightly_smiling_face:


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