Pay at pump + Xero = terrible

Hi guys

Just venting my frustration and disappointment at how Monzo business reports pay at pump in Xero.

I’ve pushed a message to chat a couple of times but the support people don’t understand the issue.

This is how it seems to work (or not work) for me.

  • Pump authorisation is generic amount, usually about £85)

  • Card transaction then shows as settled and a different amount

  • Xero shows both transactions in the reconciliation field; but both reported amounts are completely wrong.

I’ve attached Xero feed below and the receipt of the actual transaction for clarity, but this is hopeless. It adds more work for me to try and make sure the Xero balances correctly.

This definitely needs improving.

Wouldnt this more be on Xero not cancelling the non settled payment?
Are xero saying its reported as settled?

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Problem to me is that Monzo reports it too quickly to Xero rather than allow the correct transaction to settle. That being said the reported amounts aren’t correct in either case, which is definitely a Monzo issue in my opinion.

The amounts seem like a monzo issue but the pull would be something for xero to check to be honest.

Have you queried it with Xero to see what they see?

We went with Freeagent and it does a daily sync which is nice and its UK based unlike Xero, even though Xero had some nice features.

I don’t do xero, but the first is the generic pay at pump charge shown as a debit. The second is a credit for the bit you didn’t use, which nets off to the amount on the receipt.

Seems perfectly reasonable to me.


Wow how did I not spot that!

It makes the transaction a pain though because you can’t contribute the partial credit against the debit as a single statement line so I’d have to create a bill and add them as separate transactions which takes time I shouldn’t have to when reporting an expense.

Whilst the explanation is valid; I still feel this is a bad way of reporting it to Xero.