Parental monitoring 16-17 account

Hi, I am considering opening an account for my 16 year old son.
I’ve tried searching in the help and faq sections but can’t find an answer.

I need to be able to monitor the account for at least a year or so. My son is autistic, and I want to help him learn and gain financial independence. I need to be able to show him where he’s spending, how much, and how to save - is there also the option of a linked savings account where his birthday/Xmas money can be paid in and transferred to the current account when needed?

Is there the option for me to have the Monzo app so I can monitor transactions?

You could apply and set it up using your phone as long as you don’t already have a monzo account

But won’t that log each of them out everytime the other logs on? If they are both on the same OS I guess.

There are likely to be regulatory or legal obstacles to be overcome in running an account on another’s behalf.

That said, I’d advise you to contact Monzo direct at They should be able to guide you through the process.

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Yes. That would give the parent control of the app and not the account holder

There was talk in a similar case that they could set up a linked account (similar to a joint account) but I’m not sure what came of that

Thanks. Just to note, I am his legal appointee regarding his PIP benefit

Id recommend having a chat with Monzo by emailing them your question.

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