Paragon Savings going down to 0.3% on 1st August

Just so people are aware. I got it in an email today


Savings pots are of no real use anymore. 0.5% is pitiful.

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Me too.

Bye bye pots

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Where’s the best place to move my savings to now? Is Marcus Savings still the place to go to?


Try NS&I.


Unless it’s large amounts of cash then to be fair at this moment it time it makes minimal difference. I’ll be keeping mine running as they serve a purpose for me.


Marcus has dropped too but I believe it’s still above 1% , it’s not great.

Just also got an email that Oaknorth Easy access ISA is dropping to 0.1% from 1 July too.

By the end of June, I don’t think there will be a 1% easy access anywhere


To those wondering where they can get over 1% next, this is a problem across the world due to central banks lowering their rates and the answer to the problem of gradually losing all your money to inflation is to invest it in assets that rise with inflation, instead of finding a different cash account to hoard it in.

I am not a financial advisor and this is not advice but this really is an important time in history to learn how to invest in gold/silver, stocks, bitcoin, anything that doesn’t have a supply manipulated by someone.

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You still want an emergency fund

There is a limit on how big you want it, but it shouldn’t be 0


Exactly, easy access savings accounts are purely just for that. Easy access for emergencies etc. But I agree once you’ve built that up investing is the way to go.

Investec E-asy is the best rate at the moment for instant access

£10,000 minimum :flushed:

0.1% if you have less than that

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Tsb classic plus isn’t a bad option on the other end. Not a savings account but you can treat it like instant access. 1.5pc but on balances up to 1.5k I think

Otherwise paying into something like Moneybox via DD or going into equities directly is probably a better option. I’d still keep more in savings though, equities are trading low relative to their pre covid prices but quite high in terms of their current value based performance. Certainly wouldn’t put the farm on it, so to speak

Easiest would probably be to just stick with Marcus as they appear to have the intention of over time offering a leading rate.

My moneybox investments took a hit for the last few months but they are recovering now at least.

I transferred a pension into them during Corona crisis and that’s actually doing the best at the moment.

I did stop putting money into my normal S&S ISA with them for last 2 months but started that up again, had my LISA going no matter what

I put a lump amount in, in March and I think it’s picking up now in relation to how bad things were then. I have just upped my weekly deposit as I don’t mind the stress free element to it. Wouldn’t say I many more gains out of freetrade or 212 but time will tell

I think there’s a possibility of deflation, particularly in the eurozone (like there was in the 1930s depression) - so not sure I’d agree with this. Deflation would come with a whole load of other economic problems though, and governments have been printing more money since 2008 to try and counteract this.

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