P2P payments

I really like @rdingwall’s suggestion here, having the account number and sort code in a “standard” pair of fields in my Contacts app would be ideal and should be easy to integrate as well as being relatively open, in that the information isn’t constrained in the Mondo app and it can be easily shared by existing contact sharing mechanisms like email and iMessage which is built in to iOS (and I presume other mobile operating systems are similar).

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I guess being able to scan the user phone address book to pair with existing Mondo users would be awesome. Facebook would be cool as well.

From my perspective, regardless as to how perfect it is or exactly how it works, I’d really like a basic implementation ASAP! :smiley:

It would be nice if you guys released more features before they’re finalized or you’ve settled on the UX.

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Me too! It’s coming soon, we promise :slightly_smiling:

Having read a LOT of documents, I see nothing particularly wrong with PayM itself, though it is true that the banks have been doing an awful job at getting people signed up and making it usable between basic incompetence and weird security restrictions (looking at you Lloyds).

For the best current PayM implementation, I’d look at Barclays PingIt. PingIt is currently THE way I send and receive money to and from friends since trying to setup a payee is a nightmare (again, incompetence plus weird security). My one issue is that my Barclays account and PingIt account are treated as two separate things so extended PingIt data shows up only in the PingIt app (attached pictures also get removed after a certain number of days).

Ideally, I’d like to just be able to pick a contact in my phone and just have a payment sent to them, be it to a friend on Mondo with the nice extended information or with another bank via. PayM lookup with sort code + account number fallback (should always be available anyway as I believe PayM only allows one account per phone number and people have multiple accounts). On the other side, people should eventually always be able to send me money via. PayM lookup, no matter what bank they’re with (again, extended information on Mondo, basic payment from other banks).

As nice as the features discussed are, not everybody I interact with will use Mondo and for me to be able to use these features, they must gracefully degrade (for example, I should be able to split a bill with non-Mondo users if that feature was added).

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We’re totally agreed @RichardR! PingIt is a great solution at the moment - we’re definitely planning to be able to send money outside of Mondo in the future :slight_smile: Thanks - keep the feedback and ideas coming!

Was just thinking about it last night…

I think two aspects are important:

  1. Ease of splitting the bill (tap on a payment notification, some kind of unique tap (double tap?) for splitting, select whom to split with, done)

  2. Easy for friends to pay:
    (i) if they are with Mondo, they could probably be just selected from the contacts, receive a notification, confirm, done
    (ii) if they aren’t, there could either be an internal contact book for friends (so I don’t need to enter bank account numbers each time), or just enter their phone number/email, they receive a notification, they pay with a card/transfer/paypal

Another good solution would be similat to that of PaypalMe of Paypal, where you just give your unique short URL to friends (e.g. mine is paypal.me/543), and they just choose the amount and pay with a preferred method.

A nice to have would be a feature that would categorise only the part of a split payment I paid myself as expenses, not the whole payment.

A super nice to have feature would be that of taking a snap and reading the bill, then I highlight different items with my finger (as Google Translate does when you translate from pictures), and it automatically calculates totals and assigns to friends to pay.


That’s an awesome idea.


So far the best bill splitting OS feature for me is on Über. It needs to be as easy as sending a request. The app sorts the rest.


Is there any ETA on being able to make payments to bank accounts? Are there any regulatory blockers there?

The reason I ask is because I generally keep almost all of my money on my Mondo card. As such, I have had a few issues where my normal bank account doesn’t have enough money in it to pay a bill or payment to a bank account.

Alternatively being able to push money out of Mondo back to my bank account would work too.

I’ve just come across an app called Splittable. Haven’t tried it out yet, but looks like an awesome way to handle bill splitting / IOUs. Doesn’t look like they have an API for integration with Mondo yet, but would be awesome to see something like this baked into the Mondo app when P2P payments come out :wink:

I’m been using Splittable for quite some time now: it’s great, but you do need to input everything which is always a pain. It’s good if you want to keep track of all of your household expenses.

Could probably answer some questions if you need to.

Just a thought on this:

I love the P2P design and feature so far. Is it worth sending an extra Mondo card to Alphas when this release comes out. It might help grow the user base and since it’s only one extra card people would share it wisely.


Looks good so far, I was a little weary of putting my pin when trying to make a P2P payment, although I can understand for the masses that it limits the amount of codes and pin numbers you would need to remember. Once Touch ID support is implemented I think it would feel a lot more natural.

Just some feedback, when trying to send money to myself I get a horrid I N C E P T I O N error message, I think this should be a little less…in your face, i’m also not keen on the word inception.

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Ah yeah, the inception thing is toeing the line between having personality and being kinda unprofessional.

I’m really sorry you both are perceiving that message negatively. My apologies.

Our rationale was that the kind of user that would try to send money to their own account (there’s no real use case for that, right?) would appreciate that we have that edge case covered, and once you need to say “oi, you can’t do that” why not add a bit of soul to the product along the lines of “what are you trying to do? breaking the internets?” in a nice way.

In other words, this is not an error message because you weren’t trying to actually accomplish a task, it’s an easter egg for those that just like to find every little detail and explore every possibility. But it seems we’ve failed :frowning:

How would you like that message to be? 100% informative I guess?

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it really help us to understand how things are perceived by real people… not huge nerds and meme-lovers like us :alien::alien::alien:


It’s definitely good to have personality (and emojis!) but there’s a fine line to walk. In this particular case, I think it seems a little bit off the mark compared with the friendly/welcoming attitude of the rest of the app.

I’d expect something more like “Oops - you can’t send money to yourself! :smile:


I agree with James, Although I understand the intentions - and yes i was trying to break the app - however if someone was to accidently click on themself (unlikely) or if you have a family member you have given your old phone and number too, and then tried sending money to them forgetting to unregistered the number from Mondo they might be a little alarmed. Maybe something along the lines of what James posted above or something silly but clear to the user they can’t send money to themself.

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I understand that some people might have feel that this crossed the line.

Personally - I don’t see the offence and actually really enjoyed the novelty. I haven’t got anyone I know with Mondo yet, the only way to see the process was to try and send to myself (sad I know!). If you offered a commission structure for referrals, I would be set for early retirement - all on the waiting list but jumped at the idea!

Keep up the good work, Mondo! I think one of the many ways you distinguish yourself from the market is your personality.

Another slice of feedback, can you offer the ability to edit the message when I receive a P2P payment or allow me to add a note.

Example: Peter sends me £10, he sends the message “Payment for money owed” I receive the payment and see his message. I know that the payment was for his share of the meal last night, I would like to add a note or change the message to say "Money owed from

Edit: also thinking about it, it would also be nice is my contacts photo was a little larger, it looks a little small on my opinion?