Overdrafts: take regular pots into account

Call me stupid, but I prefer to go negative when I am nearing the end of a salary cycle even if I have money in other pots. I think it’s mentally good to understand that I overspent (by exactly how much) and that I will need to be a little more frugal next month (by exactly how much).

Monzo allows this, great…but…it comes at a cost of 50p per day.

I know there are reasons that Monzo wants pots to be “seperate”, makes sense for future plans. That said, I would appreciate it if we were allowed a single pot you could assign to be the one that will counter any negative balances and effectively act as a self granted overdraft. I would put in say £500, and if my balance went negative (but above -£500), this balance would cover it so I’m not charged 50p per day. If I did go below -£500 and the Monzo granted OD was £1000, then I would incur charges.

This could end up costing Monzo a lot of money in OD fees - so I could see why there would be hesitation to allow it, but it just feels long-winded to keep moving money in and out of pots.

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