Our all-new Savings Pot is here 🎉

I don’t use it for my personal account but I do a dump of my joint account once a month or so and it took me a minute to work out why my pots didn’t tally on my sheet to what my account said.

Poor Monzo, poor.

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The interest accrued figure for May has been stuck on the same number for the last few days, maybe a week, since updating to the new pot screen. Anyone else experiencing the same?

I’m curious whether there will be pots available within the instant savings pot. Its addition is great, but we’ve bundled all our savings pots together into the instant pot for better interest, making the other pots redundant. I really miss being able to sort my money in that way.


This why I run a spreadsheet, breaking down how my Instant Savings Pot is comprised.

Not ideal, I agree, but it’s how I have handled multiple pots within other savings providers’ accounts.


This is what I do now, it’s annoying as the individual pots are the best feature in Monzo for me and they are now essentially pointless. :grimacing:


Yeah that’s what I do, although I’m more lazier and just use the notes app detailing what it’s for.


@andys this keeps coming up - it’s a real pain point for a whole bunch of us.

If there is a good reason why you can only offer one savings pot, then I think sharing that would help us get our heads around it. But if not, could we beg you to reconsider / deploy the :soon: emoji? :pray: