Our all-new Savings Pot is here 🎉

Need sub-pots within a savings pot more than ever now!

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How do you set something like this up?
I’ve been thinking about doing the same for a few days now but I’m awful at spreadsheets


Mine is very very basic, here’s an example screenshot. I don’t track the interest as that’s shown in the “manage” feed of the savings pot in Monzo.

It basically shows the total per “pot” and what the total is at the bottom, anything more than that is interest I guess. I may add the interest % in future but I whipped this up in 2 minutes just for now lol.



The whole point of Monzo is to get away from spreadsheets like this - however nice and effective they might be!

I really appreciate the financial offer, but it seems dissonant amongst the wider Monzo mission.

Unless there’s been a change in strategy and I’m out of date?


I do agree because before this I didn’t need the spreadsheet.

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Yep I’m back to having a spreadsheet too.

I don’t mind that there are pots that don’t bear interest, particularly pots that are more transactional e.g. the likes of a Bills pot, or Flex pot, but it would be nice to be able to have more of these instant access interest bearing pots from monzo.

I think it’s testament to all the hard work that has went into this new type of pot that so many of us want more of them. Well done to all who brought it into being.


Great feedback, agree limit of one super annoying. Me and wife use joint account as a single household view of all our finances, so having to use personal / joint pots defeats that purpose. Shame. Will prob still regress for the interest and just talk to the wife :joy:


Looks like Monzo have updated the wording in app for the premium 1.5%. I think this is clear.

I note though that they haven’t yet updated the T&Cs (which still refers to Savings pots being excluded)


Up until now I’ve been a bit what’s the point of round up if I can’t get any reasonable interest, especially with all the small transactions that it creates (I have my full financial history in Moneywell) and this change has got me to enable roundup and see how it works.

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To the horror of @leepethers and @emmag, I’ve got my crayons out.

This is what I imagine on the homescreen:

Here, the savings account becomes a first class Monzo citizen.

But more than that, when you tap on the card, I envisage you being able to see / create pots within the savings account immediately below it!

I’ve put an “unassigned” pot so that all the number add up - everything not in a pot goes there.

Similarly, I’d expect the horizontal pots to pop up below when you tap the current account, too. And I’d like the main card to be configurable to show either the total account value, or just what I’ve called the Unassigned value (it needs a better name).

The savings pots would be completely separate from the current account pots. I’d have them only pop up horizontally when you tap on the main account - and then only if any pots have been created from that account. I’d also have a configurable vertical list down below, where you can choose what connected accounts, current account pots, and savings pots to display, in what groupings and in what order.

This is what I think we need!

(And I’d extend the concept so you can promote connected accounts to the main cards up top - and create pots for them, too!)


Noooo. Not horizontal, please…


In my dream set up, horizontal pots would only appear when you tap the card, and only then immediately before - like you’re seeing an extension of the cases showing a breakdown of the compartments or pots inside of it.

Down below you could choose the vertical list of your own dreams:


Love this


Just transferred everything from my old pot to the new savings and I’ve gotta say, it was so easy, no hassle, super transparent, and exactly what I’ve come to expect from Monzo really. Looking forward to more stuff! :clap:t3:


It’ll be easier when pot to pot transfers are available :soon:


Quick question for anyone, why is it taking like four days or so for my money to go back into my account from my savings pot as opposed to the kinda “next day” as an easy access one states?

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When did you ask for it to be withdrawn? If it was on Friday, then Sat/Sun don’t count and it’ll likely arrive later today


Have you chosen the correct pot?


Taken from the Saving Pots “how it works”:

You can take out money at any time but it might not reach your account until 5pm the next working day


Moved my salary from nationwide to Monzo because of this