Original Mr Blobby costume at the cheap price of £8.2k

Just in case anyone has a few grand sitting around and they want to purchase a costume for a character that scarred a generation…


There is no info on the authenticity of this piece so anyone dropping £8.5k on it must want Blobby really badly


Poor thing :cry:

It also puts me off when sellers say ‘it just needs a bit of glue’ (or words to that effect) to fix things. It makes me wonder why they didn’t do this themselves :thinking: Surely they can then keep the listing positive without the need to mention broken bits and it’s likely to attract more bids?

Back when I used to sell things on eBay (we’re talking decades ago here, but), I was exhaustive in mentioning any broken, potentially broken, or even slightly dinged parts of the items I was selling. I felt it was only fair to manage the buyer’s expectations, and it seemed like I’d get the upper end of the expected scale due to giving the buyer confidence that they would get what they saw.

My highlight of my eBay selling days was probably when I sold a copy of Secret of Mana for significantly more than any copy I’d seen previously, and I got a letter from the buyer after they received it letting me know how happy they were with it. I don’t think I would’ve got people bidding it up to such a point if I hadn’t been brutally honest.

This was back in the days before eBay were awful and people/businesses weren’t making a living off it. Paypal? Whatpal?

Imagine the Blobby listing was kept super positive, and they winning bidder sent it back and asked for a refund because it was all cracked and the arms had fallen off :laughing:


Exactly. If you are not thorough with your descriptions it opens you up to requests for refunds which Ebay will almost always decide in favour of the buyer. Then you’re without your money with a potentially more damaged item than when you sold it due to having been shipped twice, packaged up insufficiently by the buyer before sending back or just other general mishandling

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Brings back memories of after school tv.

I wasn’t suggesting that they should be dishonest :sweat_smile: More that if they’re claiming that they’re such simple things to fix (in this listing: the bow tie just needs a bit of glue to stick it back on) why not just do it!


Sometimes you just want to get rid of the albatross as-is. Let someone else spend the time and money.

Up to the cheap price of £26k now…

Someone really wants that costume.

£8k start seemed steep to me when they’re going to make you sign something to effectively make it so you can’t make any money from it.

It’s now on £60k!!

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I wonder if people are winding up the price for the memes…

For that kind of money you’d need some pretty solid proof it actually was original.

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Someone can reenact the classic Christmas #1 song we all know and … love?


I’m unsurprised…