Options for international small business start ups

I have registered as a limited company today, woohoo!

Next step is a business bank account.

My company is registered in the UK, my first client will pay me in dollars and I’ll be working remotely in Europe (Spain) for a few months next year.

Monzo doesn’t have business accounts yet. Tide doesn’t accept foreign transactions. What are my best options. Am I best going with a NatWest / Santander type new business account or are there some good FinTech solutions that can cope with international payments in and out?

I don’t really need credit just the ability to accept and make payments in multiple currencies without being charged the earth. Planning on using my Monzo for travel costs when in the US as much better rates.

UPDATE: Starling cannot accept dollar payments.


Try using TransferWise Borderless for Business?


I can’t recommend their business services as I don’t use them, but the personal account is great.